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Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops

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Uncover the untapped power of nature with these all-natural Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops. These drops have been formulated to help your body's sleep rhythms adapt and allow you to get the rest you need when you need it. If you are planning to travel and want to get ahead of jet lag or you just can't fall asleep at night, Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops can help. Because of the carefully curated construction, these drops are strong enough to be quick and effective, while also gentle enough not to cause dependence, even with daily use.

Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops

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The creators of Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops have intensely studied the research and studies behind sleep, and designed this liquid sleep drop formulation for maximum efficacy while maintaining gentleness and avoiding morning grogginess. By studying the stages of sleep, scientists have discovered which parts of the brain are more active when sleeping, and which are less. Some stages of sleep are responsible for feeling rested and rejuvenated for the next day, while others are used to process memories and learn new information.

Sleep needs can be different from person to person, but most adults should ideally aim to average between 7 to 8 hours per night. The quantity isn't the only part that matters however; the sleep must be of good quality as well for the brain to progress through the sleep stages.

With Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops, you can spend less time staring at your clock all night, and more time getting the rest and rejuvenation you need for your daily life. Life can get busy and chaotic, even when we're not physically ready for it. Be ready for whatever life throws at you with these great tasting liquid sleep drops. You'll see a difference right away. With continued use, you'll see improved focus at work and even have leftover energy when you get home. No fatigue dragging you down and zapping your productivity!

Get your sleep life on schedule! Experience energy levels at maximum and running at your optimum level. With Avinol PM great tasting sleep drops, you can reform your body's sleep rhythms. No more grouchiness or irritability due to tiredness. No more laying in bed, wishing for sleep that won't come. Just relaxing, sweet dreams and restorative rest!

Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops are not intended to diagnose or treat any serious medical condition. It is to be used for occasional sleepiness and unrest. If you think you might have a severe sleep condition like: sleep apnea, sleepwalking, narcolepsy, etc, then talk to your doctor prior to taking Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops.

How to Use

Adults take two (2) drops 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime, or with a meal if you are prone to stomach upset.



This naturally produced hormone is one of the most effective sleep supplements available. It is produced regularly inside the mind to signal the body to grow tired and prepare for rest. Since the earliest ages of humanity, melatonin production has been triggered by the setting of the sun. In modern days, the presence of artificial light has begun to alter this, causing millions to have difficulties falling asleep. Ingesting the recommended amount of Melatonin helps to restore the body's natural balance, easing you into sleep the way you were meant to be.


This amino acid is also naturally produced in the body, albeit in very small quantities. It improves your overall quality of sleep by reducing anxiety, which allows you to fall asleep far more easily than without. L-Theanine connects to the specific neuroreceptors in the brain which trigger stress. This disables them from triggering temporarily, stopping your mind from creating stress chemicals. In their absence is a calm relaxation, allowing you a gradual fade into sleep.

Valerian Root

The Valerian plant is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and parts of Asia. This plant root has been used for centuries by humans to induce relaxation and encourage sleep. Unlike the floral, sweet notes of the flowering buds, the root has a deep earthy scent due to the massive amounts of oils and compounds. These are what are responsible for the sedative effect. Taking Valerian Root encourages the human brain to create more GABA, one of the primary neurotransmitters responsible for regulating neural communication.

Lemon balm extract

The oils extracted from this popular herb are regularly utilized as part of aromatherapy, but they also excel at soothing anxiety, stress, and insomnia when ingested as an ingredient in a supplement. Fans of citrus flavors also enjoy creating tea from the leaves and stems. While lemon and mint plants may seem opposing in terms of culinary flavors, the two are actually closely related according to herbology. A single dose has been shown to increase calmness and anxiety while under stress.


Often regarded as a natural tranquilizer or sleep inducer, this flower is known for reducing anxiety and initiating deep sleep. It is often consumed as a tea, but generally is included in a wide variety of common sleep aids and stress reducers as well. This is primarily thanks to an antioxidant called Apigenin. Apigenin can block the cortisol-producing enzyme that is largely responsible for creating feelings of stress in the human brain.


Do you wish you could fall asleep easily and wake up calm, refreshed, and relaxed? You can! Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops are designed with you in mind, to offer a simple, reliable route to the full night of sleep that you need and deserve.

The ingredients in Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops are all natural and scientifically proven to help you relax into a peaceful slumber far more quickly than alone. The drop form offers a uniquely fast-acting experience.

While you sleep, these ingredients also help to keep you that way, so your mind has time to go through all of the necessary stages of sleep. Be done with waking up in frustration after just a few hours. Fall asleep easily, and sleep the whole night through!

Best of all, Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops are safe. It's ingredients are natural and you cannot get addicted to them. This means you can use Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops every day, and still run no risk of forming a dependency.

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