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Keto XS

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Exogenous Ketone Supplement

Exogenous ketone supplements are starting to become popular in health and wellness circles. Some people believe that exogenous ketone bodies available in supplements like Keto XS may have some health and wellness benefits.

Keto XS

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An exogenous ketone supplement without any fillers

The Keto XS supplement contains a very simple formula made from pure beta hydroxybutyrate ketone salts. Unlike some other products, the makers of Keto XS do not believe that it is necessary to add in extra ingredients like caffeine or other stimulants. Many people have come close to experiencing health and wellness benefits by taking exogenous ketones all by themselves. Certain tissues in the body - including heart muscles, skeletal muscles, and even some parts of the human brain - may prefer to get energy from ketone bodies rather than other sources. This has the potential to produce various health and wellness benefits for the body.

How To Use Keto XS

Each dose of Keto XS is 2 capsules. Many customers get their best results taking anywhere from 2 to 8 Keto XS capsules per day. The manufacturer suggests that, in order to get the maximum benefits, you should take a dose of Keto XS under any of the following circumstances:

  • In the early morning before eating breakfast
  • If you are planning on exercising soon
  • After you eat a meal heavy in carbohydrates
  • Keto XS is a dietary supplement which is not meant for children. It is strongly recommended that you be in relatively good health and over the age of 18 if you would like to take Keto XS.

    Keto XS Ingredients

    Keto XS does not contain any potentially harmful fillers or questionably necessary ingredients, which makes it somewhat different from many other diet pills. It only contains beta hydroxybutyrate ketone bodies. While this may sound like an unnatural chemical, the truth is actually quite the opposite. The human body has been known to produce its own BHB ketone bodies. Many medical experts believe this to be a sign of good health when your body can produce a lot of them. Unfortunately, some people's bodies struggle to produce their own ketone bodies if they happen to be eating a lot of carbohydrates on a regular basis.

    Some research has come to light lately which suggests other potentially healthful benefits you can get from supplementing with ketone bodies. For certain individuals, putting ketone bodies into your system has the potential to encourage your body to make more of them on its own. But as far as science has discovered, one of the only ways your body can make its own ketones is to try and unlock stored energy from its own adipose tissue. Based on these suspicions, some believe that ketone bodies have the potential to help slim people down and lose unwanted weight.

    When the human body needs to absorb exogenous ketones - meaning ketone bodies that you don't make yourself - it gets the most benefit if the bodies happen to be attached to a mineral salt. Many people believe Keto XS to be a particularly effective supplement because the manufacturer has chosen to package its supplement in a mineral salt form. Specifically, the mineral salts in this formula are magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

    Calcium is an important mineral for many different reasons. Most people believe that the human body needs calcium in order to build strong bones and teeth. Without a sufficient amount of calcium in the diet, many people may be left vulnerable to fractures and/or cavities. Some studies hint that calcium may have weight loss benefits as well.

    Magnesium and calcium are very closely related. Certain studies even suggest that getting way too much of one over the other could be potentially harmful. Lots of different sources of information have connected magnesium to potential benefits including relaxation and overall wellness.

    Speaking of health and wellness, sodium often gets a bad rap. Many doctors and specialists believe that people eat too much sodium; and they're not always wrong. But eating too little salt has the potential to be unhealthy as well. If you eat the type of diet meant to get your body producing its own ketone bodies, you might actually start depleting your sodium levels. This can have unpleasant health consequences. Part of the reason why sodium is attached to the ketone bodies in Keto XS is to help alleviate some of these unfortunate symptoms.

    Benefits of Keto XS

    There are many different health benefits which someone may experience if they start taking an exogenous ketone supplement. Some are general health and wellness benefits, while others are more specific. A good number of people report improved cognitive function, a lack of lethargy, and better overall fitness. But these are just general examples.

    There may be more targeted benefits if you happen to be overweight or would like to lose weight. If you have more specific goals and want to lose body fat, some medical research suggest that ketone supplements can help. They may trick your body into burning fat for energy instead of other sources. This has the potential to help you burn more fat instead of storing it.

    There are some rigorous types of diet and exercise plans which attempt to produce similar weight loss benefits, but can be difficult to adopt. Some people report that exogenous ketone supplements can help make it easier to adjust to a new diet and lifestyle regimen. For those who do not want an exogenous ketone supplement with other and potentially harmful ingredients in it, Keto XS is a very popular option.

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